Realme 12 Pro 5G Series Smartphone Launch with Luxury Rolex Edition!

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Experience innovation and luxury like never before with the Realme 12 Pro 5G series. Get a sneak peek into the stunning design and revolutionary features that will redefine your smartphone experience. #Realme12Pro #LuxuryTech
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Realme is set to launch its highly anticipated Realme 12 Pro 5G series later this month, which has the Indian smartphone market buzzing. The Realme 12 Pro and Realme 12 Pro+ models are part of this series, which is anticipated to be followed by the Realme 11 Pro and Realme 11 Pro+.

Realme has been providing Indian consumers with a preview of what’s to come by giving information on the cameras, a stylish Submarine Blue color option, and an unexpected partnership with high-end wristwatch Rolex. The release is made far more interesting by leaked images that purportedly show the design to be modeled after high-end Rolex watches.

Camera Features

Realme has shared important information about the cameras in the Realme 12 Pro 5G series. The standout feature is a top-notch periscope telephoto lens, promising better night shots with less glare and ghosting. The series has a 3X Portrait Mode with a 71mm golden portrait focal length and an impressive digital zoom of up to 120X. Realme says they have the biggest periscope telephoto sensor in the segment, the OV64B flagship sensor, which is more than twice the size of the telephoto sensor in the iPhone 15 Pro. This sensor lets in more light, making the Realme 12 Pro Series 5G telephoto lens almost three times more light-sensitive than its Apple counterpart. The main camera has a Sony IMX890 OIS, with a 1/1.56-inch sensor, a 24mm equivalent focal length, and a wide f/1.8 aperture. The series also includes an ultra-wide-angle camera for a versatile photography experience.

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Collaboration with Rolex for Design


The Realme 12 Pro 5G series’ partnership with international master of luxury watch design Ollivier Savéo for a unique edition known as the Realme 12 Pro Rolex Edition is one of its most fascinating features. This limited edition displays Realme’s approach to fusing modern technology with classic style by teaming up with renowned luxury watch company Rolex.

Unexpectedly, Realme posted a poster of the Realme 12 Pro Rolex Edition to social media, providing a glimpse of the device’s design. The poster demonstrates how watch components, such as a camera housing ring modeled after a watch dial, were included into the design of the smartphone. Realme combines traditional leather with meticulous industrial polishing to improve the device’s appearance, making sure every.

The poster simply says, “A timeless masterpiece, a legend. Centuries of refined watch design, modern industrial mobile phone design, vintage leather, and refined industrial polishing combine to create an opulent visual experience from every viewpoint.”

Excitement for the Unveiling: Realme 12 Pro Series Rolex Edition

Smartphone enthusiasts look forward to the formal introduction of the Realme 12 Pro Series with a great deal of excitement as its innovative features and the much-discussed Realme 12 Pro Rolex Edition continue to thrill them. Realme and Rolex’s exclusive partnership has the potential to revolutionize the smartphone market by giving consumers access to a device that not only has state-of-the-art capabilities but also combines sophistication and classic elegance. A lasting impact on the smartphone market is expected, so stay tuned for the big announcement of this incredible partnership.

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