Nokia Maze Pro Lite 5G smartphone launched in India 2024, Know specification and price

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Nokia Maze Pro Lite 5G
Nokia Maze Pro Lite 5G
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The Nokia Maze Pro has made a significant impact in both the automotive and mobile industries, and its latest offering, the Nokia Maze Pro Lite 5G, is currently in the spotlight. In this comprehensive overview, we will explore the detailed features, camera capabilities, storage options, battery life, and the attractive pricing of this device.

Features of Nokia Maze Pro Lite 5G:

To kick things off, the Nokia Maze Pro Lite 5G boasts a captivating 6.7-inch Super AMOLED display with an impressive 120 Hz refresh rate. This feature ensures an attractive experience by providing an easy-to-use and responsive user interface, which improves both the system’s overall appearance and user satisfaction.

The display is fortified with Gorilla Glass, adding an extra layer of protection against scratches and impacts, elevating the overall durability of the device.

Powerful Processor:

The powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 CPU, which highlights its dedication to providing excellent performance, powers the Nokia Maze Pro Lite 5G. This processor’s efficiency makes for a smooth user experience by making it easy for users to move between applications and processes.

Nokia’s Maze Pro Lite 5G sets itself unique with its impressive 5G connectivity, making it a mobile technology pioneer as well.

Users may now enjoy faster data stages, fewer lags, and better overall mobile connectivity thanks to the launch of 5G networks. This specific feature makes the Nokia Maze Pro Lite 5G unique and guarantees that users will have a perfect and state-of-the-art mobile communication experience.

Camera Capabilities:

Shifting focus to the camera setup, the Nokia Maze Pro Lite 5G delivers exceptional performance. It features a triple camera arrangement, including a high-resolution 108-megapixel primary lens, a 32-megapixel 2D sensor, a 0.336-megapixel sensor, and a 5-megapixel fourth sensor. This setup ensures versatility, enabling users to capture moments with exceptional clarity and detail.

For selfie enthusiasts, the front camera is equally impressive, boasting a resolution of 48 megapixels. A single 25MP selfie camera is also included, as well as which improves the phone’s video calling capabilities and guarantees a clear and beautiful communication experience.

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Storage Options

In the storage department, the Nokia Maze Pro Lite 5G offers flexibility and expansiveness.

With options of 8GB or 10GB of RAM, users can expect smooth multitasking and optimal performance.

With 256GB or 512GB of internal storage provided, the phone offers plenty of space for files, media, and applications.

If that’s still not enough, a micro SD card allows you to add an additional 512GB. For those who want a lot of storage space for their stuff, this is fantastic. Therefore, this phone ensures that you have adequate space for whatever you wish to keep on it, no mater how many programs, movies, or files you have.

Battery Life:

An integral aspect of any smartphone is its battery life, and the Nokia Maze Pro Lite 5G excels in this area.

It houses a robust 8700mAh battery, ensuring extended usage periods and reducing the frequency of recharging.

By reducing the duration of time required for a full charge, Quick Charge 4.0’s support for rapid charging significantly improves the user experience.

This combination of a large battery capacity and efficient charging solutions ensures that the phone can endure extended periods of usage without frequent interruptions for charging.

Connectivity and Software:

The Nokia Maze Pro Lite 5G offers a range of connectivity options, including 5G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPRS. These features contribute to the phone’s versatility, ensuring that users can stay connected in various environments and scenarios.

Running on the Android 11.0 operating system, the device provides a user-friendly interface and benefits from the latest features and security updates offered by the Android platform.


Now, let’s delve into the pricing strategy adopted by Nokia for the Maze Pro Lite 5G. Positioned as a budget-friendly smartphone, the Nokia Maze Pro Lite 5G strikes a commendable balance between features and affordability. Priced at an attractive Rs 33,075, the phone presents an enticing option for users who seek a powerful device without breaking the bank. This competitive pricing adds to the overall appeal of the Nokia Maze Pro Lite 5G, making it a compelling choice in the crowded smartphone market.

Nokia Maze Pro Lite 5G stands out as a feature-packed and competitively priced smartphone. The device has a great display, a strong processor, versatile cameras, and plenty of storage choices, making it suitable for various user preferences. With 5G connectivity and a long-lasting battery, it meets the needs of today’s smartphone users who want both performance and durability. The Nokia Maze Pro Lite 5G is undoubtedly a strong contender for those in search of a reliable and affordable smartphone that doesn’t compromise on essential features.

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